Barbara Palacios has become a well-respected public figure with an impeccable reputation

since being elected Miss Universe in 1986.

Her professional career and commitment to the empowerment of women and people everywhere has provided Barbara with tremendous recognition and significant prestige in the

Latino community of the United States and in Latin America.

Barbara was recognized as one of the most powerful women of 2014 according to Spanish People magazine. In 2016, she was recognized as one of the most influential and respected Latin women for her contribution to the promotion of the Hispanic culture in the US.

With a Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising and Marketing and a Master’s in Theology, Barbara exemplifies someone who has overcome barriers and persevered in the face of challenges and is a powerful role model to thousands of people around the world.

Barbara married Victor Manrique in 1988. The couple live in Florida and have two adult children.


Barbara has established a highly successful career as a recognized spokesperson for many global brands and is a prominent public figure in the television industry in the US and Latin America. She has hosted numerous television shows including the Latin Grammys, Miss Venezuela, Miss Universe, the Vina Del Mar Festival, and many others.

As an inspirational author and international speaker, Barbara has developed her own 9-step personal development platform to guide people to attaining a more fulfilling quality of life built on the foundation of comprehensive wellness.

Her powerful communication style, natural charisma and endless desire to impact the lives of those around her has led Barbara to become a nationally recognized international leadership expert. Since being elected Miss Universe in 1986, Barbara has tirelessly devoted her life to the empowerment of women while simultaneously gaining a reputation for impeccable integrity, and rising to public prominence and visibility.



Barbara is committed to promoting personal growth and holistic well-being based on beauty that develops from the inside out.

After becoming an icon of universal beauty early in her career, Barbara has been influencing those who have followed her trajectory through the knowledge she imparts, ultimately guiding them to achieving an outstanding quality of life.

A massage to impact the lives of many

“God was my ‘surgeon’. He is my beauty secret; only he could close my wounds, heal them

and bestow me with the immense purpose that makes sense of my existence”

Her engaging communication style, natural charisma and constant desire to positively influence the lives of others have led her to become a prominent public figure, providing inspiration and guidance to her followers since winning the title of Miss Universe in 1986. Her first two books, “The Beauty of Knowing How to Live” and “Far From my Show, Near the Light” are profound testimonies of her personal experiences, solid biblical principles conveying spiritual concepts, and her deep family values. In her third book, “Dare to be Barbara”, she empowers women, showing them how they can dare to be brave, defending

the values, principles, virtues and ethics necessary to fully leverage their talents.

She teaches about health, inner beauty, entrepreneurship and most importantly, her unwavering faith. Barbara concludes the book by sharing the story of one of her own

creations, her women’s summit called “Being a Leading Woman and Entrepreneur is Fashionable”, where she describes the international events and conferences she hosts. Through this work, she helps women to leave the past behind, heal from their wounds, overcome challenges and focus on leaving their own imprint on the world. Barbara’s powerful narrative touches on topics such as domestic violence, abortion, the protection of children

and animal welfare, women’s leadership and her unwavering faith in God.



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