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    Miss Universe, Author, International Speaker, Entrepreneur, Recognized Spokesperson, TV Celebrity.

    Bárbara Palacios is a highly respected public figure with an impeccable reputation. Living most of her life in Caracas, Venezuela, moving to the United States with her family in 2000 and currently residing in Florida. Barbara has been married for 28 years and has 2 children.

    Bárbara has simultaneously developed an intense and productive career as a recognized spokesperson for a variety of company’s, as well as in the television industry in the US and abroad. She has served as host for many TV shows including the Latin Grammys (5 years), Miss Venezuela (7 Years), Miss Universe, Viña del Mar Festival, Miss USA and others.

    As an inspirational author and an international speaker, Bárbara has promoted her own personal development platform 9 Pasos (9Steps), which guides others to live a more beautiful life.

    The result of her lifestyle led her to become an Inspirational author of two books and currently working on her 3rd. Her current books, “The Beauty of knowing how to Live” and “Far from my Shadow, Close to the Light” based on her incredible personal life experiences, communicating her spiritual beliefs of family values and experiences around the world, through an inspirational platform to positively influence people and impact their lives.

    Barbara’s power of communication, charisma and constant desire to positively influence the lives of many, led her to become an Inspirational leader, providing inspiration, motivation and guidance to those who have followed her career; having become the Universal beauty icon of the world after earning the title of Miss Universe in 1986. Bárbara is continuously working and delivering her presentations/conferences for personal growth and empowerment at an international level. She has delivered her lectures in many countries such as Mexico, Spain, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Panama, Guatemala, United States and South Africa, -among others -.Most recently recognized by the U.S. Congress as one of the most influential and respected Latina women in the USA, contributing to the promotion of Hispanic heritage in America.

    Bárbara Palacios es reconocida en el Capitolio de EE.UU como hispana honorable, durante el mes Internacional de la mujer

    Bárbara has been recognized as one of the most powerful women of 2014, according to People Magazine, Recently, in the year 2016, She received an award form the U.S Congress as one of the most respected latin women because of her contributions to the hispanic culture of the American Nation.

    Her with of promoting personal growth and integral well being has always had the mission of promoting integral beauty from the inside out. As an Inspirational Author and Internacional Spokesperson, Barbara has designed her own Personal Development Platform of 9 Steps, for guiding people to achieve a more fulfilling life and well being. Her 2 published books “The beauty of knowing how to Live” and “Far from my Shadow, Close to the Light” are based on her own personal experiences, her solid spiritual foundation and Her family values.