Recipe for Good Leadership


My dear friends,
Every good leader has a little recipe for being successful, and I would like to share with you the secret ingredients, which, in reality, are not so secret.

Honesty + Values + Credibility = Good Leader.

Let’s begin with honesty. This ingredient exposes the decency of a leader within the integrity of his or her actions, since his or her intentions override personal wishes or interests. But what does it mean to be honest? It means to have the courage to tell the truth, to be decent, reserved, reasonable, just and sincere. All these traits are essential for a leader who wishes to communicate coherently and with the sincerity needed to carry out an excellent service in the community.

The second ingredient for a good leader is values. A good leader knows how to live with these values, which are the principles that allow us to guide our behavior through our individual formation. These values are fundamental beliefs that help us prefer, appreciate and choose certain things rather than others, behaviour included. The good leader presents his or her values before all problems and all people. For a good leader to be able to demand of others clear answers of their actions, he or she must first demonstrate and reflect an honest personal attitude, and this applies also to his or her solutions to any problem. Escort girls in prague

Finally, the third essential ingredient is credibility. Credibility is a stength that will be useful both in our personal and professional life, since it accelerates our growth. And at the same time that it generates a solid relation of trust with other people, it rewards us with the acceptance by clients and the general public of any products or services offered.

It’s essential to know that if all these ingredients are not combined correctly, we will not get the end results expected. A good leader cannot have any credibility without giving his or her values the importance that they merit. In order to have and maintain credibility, values and beliefs are fundamental. This should be communicated effectively to those who pursue capturing and influencing others with their principles. A true leader never loses sight of his or her credibility and knows perfectly what are the pillars that support his or her power not only in the present, but also in the future. Choose to know how to live.

Until we meet again.

Many blessings!

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